Inside is a chest containing a Pretty Stone.

I am playing it again on proud, and only a level 24 as Riku (and going into Country of the Musketeers) but a level 31 as Sora. Kingdom Hearts 3D Wiki Guide. Traverse Town: Riku. dozingdevil 7 years ago #3.

Because Riku is dealing with many more enemies than Sora had to during his dive into Traverse Town…

Rank Location Rewards Objective Objective Reward Special: 8 ★★★ ★★ Second District: 60 DP: Malleable Fantasy (100%) Thunderaffe Recipe (100%) Pull off at least three successful counters! Traverse Town (Sora) Top Contributors: Alex Meyers, Stew Shearer, pjz15 + more. At the end of KH3D, you see Sora dive into the sleeping world of Traverse Town. Traverse Town: Allyway. Magic. Last Edited: 2 Aug 2012 11:18 am. Look for a door that leads to the Hotel. That's okay. Critical rate. Look for the Red Room.

I'm already at Traverse Town second visit and i'm still using Cure D: Gfaqs Lurker. Shift rate. 7. Page Tools. Strength. I … All for One. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Mini-games . ... KH Wiki. Location: Given to you after clearing Traverse Town's second visit. This game is the latest HD port and one of the games included in the 2.8 HD remix, a compilation game released for the PS4 as the final bridge for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. A Keyblade that provides a balanced boost in Strength and Magic. Traverse Town: Second District: Hotel. Each spirit has its own stats.
Given to you after completing Traverse Town.

Thunderaffe ★★ ★ Portals Type No. 85. Sora's story is easier (except Traverse Town's second visit), so I would make sure to have Riku higher. MetalLoki 7 years ago #2. It was released on March 29, 2012 in Japan, July 31, 2012 in US and Canada, July 20, 2012 in Europe, and July 26th in Australia. Take a left and follow the ledge around.
Strength: +12 Magic: +14 Reality Shift Rate:Reality Shift Rate: 20% Critical-Hit Rate: 20% Keyblade Length: 113 How to Obtain: Finish Sora's half of the Symphony of Sorcery. Treasure Goggles Candy Goggles Royal Cake Battle: 3 ★★★ ★★ First District: 20 … Traverse Town: Second District. Above: Click the image for a bigger map. ... Visit our corporate site. When creating spirits, you have to rely on recipes to craft them. Go into Second District.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Spirit guide . During this section, we will detail the cups, how to unlock them, the basics of the minigame, and the contents of the cups. 7. User Info: MetalLoki. I'm at the last world and I'm still using cure :c. The official Loki of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board. 5%. Theater mode secret ending. ... (after entering Traverse Town – Second Visit) Flowbermeow Recipe: Special Portal 2 – Riku (Traverse Town) This game takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts 2. Dive Mode: Riku. Earn seven trophies in Standard mode or five trophies in Proud mode to view an alternate ending. With this fact, Traverse Town should be awake by now and should not be a dreaming anymore. Earn the following number of trophies: ten in Beginner mode; or seven in Standard mode; or five in Proud mode; or successfully complete Critical mode. ... Found by Riku in a chest atop the church in the northern end of Traverse Town’s Second District. One of the larger sidequests and minigames of Kingdom Hearts 3D is the Flick Rush tournaments, playable at the Colosseum in the Fourth District of Traverse Town. 20%. Length. Yummy Cup: Finish your second visit to Traverse Town. As you know, Sora and Riku unlock the keyholes for this world.