The main transmitter is on VHF-11, which is 219.5 MHz. I have done all the usual, checked connections, and even brought a new antenna cable just in case. My antenna is fine as I can get the channels on my TV. any idea what channel i need to re-tune to get all the 9's back (cos as with the previous issue channel 10 only came back after re-tuning ch11. Please read before submitting a reception issue-If you are having issues receiving our signal over the air please make sure you have an outdoor VHF antenna. Most of the UHF repeaters for Channel 10 in Sydney are on UHF-31, which is 550.5 MHz. Channel 10's signal main Sydney signal is nowhere near the LTE bands. re-tuning channel 9 does not work. Watch your favourite TV shows from Channel 10, 10 Peach and 10 Bold on demand, plus much more on 10 play! idiesel. The one near Campbelltown and the ones on the Central Coast are on UHF-44, which is 641.5 MHz. On Demand TV is extremely popular in the UK and one service that consumers like to enjoy is Channel 5 On Demand. If your TV is working fine with the same aerial the problem is not the Freeview signal. 2020-05-15 10:24:16 @simon3862 @ShamblesAndFuss Not working on Freeview. User #451481 4786 posts.

Yesterday I could not get bold or channel 10, so I rescanned the channels and now I can’t get any of the channel 10 digital channels. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: